2017.06.13 II

Sometimes I wonder if I’m not applying the same method to life as I did in school. Find out the course requirements, then do the minimum required to pass the class. Is my existential angst nothing more than a way for me to find the laziest path to fulfillment?   When smoking cannabis, it’s best […]


Where does the Truth hide? Maybe it’s too simple to be found by complicated people. How do you untie the tangled headphones of your soul, and get back to who you are? This is the art of living. Prediction: simple flip phones will make a comeback. It’s sometimes too much to hold the whole world […]


“Deagol” The tall grass on the river The cold currents of summer You tangle the lines, angler I’ll paddle, our coracle all a’tremble The wind at our face, fish a’slumber It caught your eye, diving in the river But it was mine And what I would give to bring you back But now it’s mine […]


The english language is funny. I think it’s main value is in it’s capacity for irony, but it breaks down a bit when you begin talking about abstract ideas.  Not a subtle language, it borrows all of it’s important meanings from others, more ancient and poetic. Gone are the days of deep meaning, layers and […]


One reason people enjoy marriage is the same reason pets enjoy living with humans. We grow addicted to the physical proximity, affection, and regular meals. These are the most animal parts of marriage, and the easiest to get right. The mental, emotional, spiritual parts are harder to lock down.   Lao Tse talks about emptying […]


Gardening and cannabis go well together, and help cultivate a sense of wonder. Don’t put judgments on your garden either. “Alive” and “dead” are just different states of being, and the cycle of birth and death is everywhere screaming this truth. The first few years of gardening will just be listening to the plants, and […]


Be chill to one another. Nude hammock sunbathing is a must. Floating free, like a buzzing wizard from the east, I fly. Dark mantle whipping in the breeze, I descend, and lo, a cloud of smoke envelopes me. Focus is a rare gift. Or maybe not a gift, but a discovery of the muscle nature […]


Tell me where the hell you got them kicks, ’cause I’m feeling them in a nasty, silly way – Pysch, S5E13   I can’t write because I’m too high. I think it’s going to be ok, though. Now I’m going to get  a bowl of cereal, now, but I can’t seem to get up right now. […]


O Man, how long will you remain a rational animal? How long will you fruitlessly try to look into the endless tracts of creation with only your myopic eyes of senses and reason? How long will you remain bound to satisfying the demands of animal man? Shed all constraining fetters; know yourself as something immortal, […]

2017.06.03 II

The common housefly really is an amazing creature, it’s a pity we have this feud with the insects. Such a simple, elegant designs. Underneath simplicity, Complexity herself hides, joyously awaiting discovery. That must have been a big hit. Is it just me, or does everyone think about taking a T-break only when you get crispy? […]