“Deagol” The tall grass on the river The cold currents of summer You tangle the lines, angler I’ll paddle, our coracle all a’tremble The wind at our face, fish a’slumber It caught your eye, diving in the river But it was mine And what I would give to bring you back But now it’s mine […]

The Summing up

This is the last page from my great-great grandfathers self-published autobiography, which he finished in 1955 at the age of 94 (he lived to 103, like his son, my great-grandfather). In looking over the preceding pages I am impressed by the fact that all that has been said refers to things that have been done, […]

Writer’s block

I’ve set a goal for myself to write at least one post a day, even a short one. It took a really long time to think of something this morning, and I never really came upon any interesting ideas. It did occur to me, however, that I’m in the middle of a (very) delayed writer’s […]


Nemisis A short story based on a reddit.com/r/writingprompts post.   Dear world, I need you to know. Before Harry, it’s actually hard to remember what life was like. I floated through life, as so many of us do, not wanting to think much about where I was floating to. After undergrad, I found some sales […]

Tobacco leaf

tobacco leaf, autumn, 2016

I’m always trying to pull textures and patterns out of my surroundings. For some reason, it’s satisfying to show things in shallow depth of field to alter my perspective, to show a pattern that echos something else, or to draw attention to missed details. Since I love plants so much, I often find myself preferring […]