I bought a new bong today. It’s better than my old one. Praise be. The unfortunate thing about caution is that sometimes it’s good, and sometimes it’s bad, and it’s hard to tell which is which. Gardening is a really great way to get outside yourself. If you can’t love a plant, can you love […]

2017.06.02 II

I suspect Joseph Campbell and Alfred Einstein were onto the same thing. I should read more Joseph Campbell, mathematics is too clean for me. A little keif goes a long way. I think Trump is probably a secret genius. He’s hypnotized everyone into thinking he’s a dramatic asshole. The far right still takes him literally. […]

Tinctures baby, yeah!

I’m trying something new this morning.   Cannabis tincture and coffee. It’s pretty great so far, but I need to experiment a little bit more before I decide whether I like it more than smoking. It seems a lot more body oriented than smoking or dabbing, which makes it great for bed time. It seems […]