Gardening and cannabis go well together, and help cultivate a sense of wonder. Don’t put judgments on your garden either. “Alive” and “dead” are just different states of being, and the cycle of birth and death is everywhere screaming this truth. The first few years of gardening will just be listening to the plants, and learning their needs. If you can be giving and selfless with a plant, it’s a good sign.


A garden will help you enter into the larger geography. You will rise and fall with the seasons, and see the great dance. You will mourn for your lost children in the autumn, and rejoice in the spring when they rise anew. And the trees, my beloved trees, move through the music with their own slow grace. Tolkien loved the trees; I don’t know if you can read his work and not come away with love of nature.


Don’t smoke indica while the sun is up, unless it’s nap day.

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