2017.06.03 II

The common housefly really is an amazing creature, it’s a pity we have this feud with the insects. Such a simple, elegant designs. Underneath simplicity, Complexity herself hides, joyously awaiting discovery.

That must have been a big hit. Is it just me, or does everyone think about taking a T-break only when you get crispy? I think it must a common human thing, always one step behind your conscience, never planning to catch up.

I was a sensitive, serious boy. I wet the bed until I was 10. There were definitely monsters in my closet, but I found a way to beat the monsters. Monsters and dreams are essentially the same to a child. When I was 4, I had a nightmare about a soviet A-bomb over my house. When I was 8, I dreamed my father being tied to a tree and being wrapped in his own entrails. I found that I endured when I imagined that the monsters got me. My young mind found ways to cope with the death I died in my dreams. That I went on, and I simply was.

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