Writer’s block

I’ve set a goal for myself to write at least one post a day, even a short one. It took a really long time to think of something this morning, and I never really came upon any interesting ideas.

It did occur to me, however, that I’m in the middle of a (very) delayed writer’s apprenticeship. I have a deep love of story that began when I was young, but the schooling process, especially higher education, made it unpleasant. I had a bad attitude as well, which held me back from really engaging with the writing process.

I’ve read enough advice from the great writers to know that there is one basic principle, one common thread to all their collective advice: write everyday, even when it’s hard. I think this principle extends to more than just writing: doing something everyday, especially in a focused and engaged way, is the way out of apprenticeship and on the way to mastery.

Whatever your life’s task, I hope you can find the courage to make it an everyday pursuit. It’s really the only way to get anywhere.

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