Tinctures baby, yeah!

I’m trying something new this morning.


Cannabis tincture and coffee. It’s pretty great so far, but I need to experiment a little bit more before I decide whether I like it more than smoking. It seems a lot more body oriented than smoking or dabbing, which makes it great for bed time. It seems to last about 4-5 hours, so it takes a bit more planning than a quick bong hit or something like that.


I’m moving more towards edibles and tinctures to try and curb my self discipline problems. I just can’t moderate when I’m home all day and the bud is lying close at hand. Since most of my day is spent producing creative content, and most of my process is set, I’ve felt particularly creative. But there is another part of life, a part that requires logic, rationality, and focus. This is part of life that is most natural to me, so it’s been a real treat to have all my creative juices flowing without inhibition this last year (I’ve only been smoking cannabis for about a year).


Tinctures are easy to make, especially if you live in a state where the raw materials are easy to come by. It’s basically an alcohol extraction, with a couple of caveats. Here are the basic steps to understand:


  • Acquire Bud. Shake is fine, but whatever it is, you’ll need to grind it as finely as you can.
  • Decarboxylate the cannabis. The THC-A that forms naturally in the plant are beneficial, but not to noticeable. What you’re after when you decarb is to transform the THCA into THC, the thing that makes you feel things 🙂 This usually happens when flame is applied to the plant to smoke it. But for edibles and tinctures, you’ll need to do this before the extraction.
  • Pour alcohol over it. Seal. Wait a long time. Opinions vary, and you can check out the links at the bottom for some recipes.
  • Administer. Enjoy.


Check out Leafly.com’s guide to tinctures here, complete with 3 recipe variation.




Here’s a more in-depth write up with a more medical perspective.



The featured image is from Greensourcegardens

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