Jeff Sessions is a tiny racist baby

I just realized who Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions is (besides the new head of the DEA).

He’s a scared little boy from 1952 trapped in the body of an old racist.


This topic has been one of interest to me lately, especially after the DEA quietly made CBD oil a schedule 1 drug. CBD is the chemical in marijauna that does NOT get you high, the part that stops little kids from having seizures, etc. The whole thing is seems fairly transparent: there is more money in pharmaceuticals than legal weed. I think the tide is turning, and we’ll get to a sensible set of policies in the next decade, even with Mr. Sessions.


If you think the government hasn’t known about the racist effects of prohibition, watch this short, entertaining video crammed with quotes from old racists.

The main reason I call Sessions a scared little boy from 1952 is this: I have a very vivid memory of a dream I had in 1992 (age 4) about a soviet plane dropping a bomb on my house. Propaganda and cultural fear are infectious, and even as small children we’re heavily influenced by media. Take a look at some of these anti-marijuana posters from the 1930’s and 40’s.


The internet has done us a world of good on issues like this. In fact, I might call this one of the first big policy wins that came from the spread of knowledge via the interwebz.

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